Q: Can I buy in US dollars?

  • Our base currency is in Japanese yen, but it gets converted to USD daily based on the rate of the day. There is a button at the top right of the page where you can choose which currency you'd like to see. For more details, click here.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

  • Everything is determined by the weight, for a turtleback shawl, it's usually under $5 and for a straight scarf, it's under $4 for shipping to North America. For other countries, proceed through the order process to see the shipping cost.

Q: How long does it take for my product to arrive?

  • We are currently working only Tuesday~Thursday. If you order over the weekend, we will process it as soon as we can first thing on Tuesday. We ship anywhere in the world. Airmail usually takes 7~14 days to North America. (faster delivery is available through EMS, see the next Q&A)

Q: What if my order gets lost in the mail?

  • Though this has rarely happened, we cannot guarantee that it won't. However, once it's shipped, there is no way for us to track where it is, or if it gets held at customs. If you would rather have a tracking number, we also offer EMS (express mail service) which costs around $15~20 depending on the weight.

Q: There is a slight stain on my product. Can you exchange it?

  • All our products are made from vintage kimonos. We do our best to choose fabric that is reusable, but sometimes there are small flaws that slip our attention. We also do our best to use utilize the material as much as possible. If you are dissatisfied, you can return your item within a week of receiving the item if unused and we will refund you. However, we are unable to provide for the cost of shipping.


Information and Policies Exchange Rate: Our products are priced in Japanese Yen. Our online shop shows the price in USD based on the exchange rate of the day. However, the actual price will differ based on the credit card company’s exchange rate.
Please note that some credit card issuers will also charge a foreign transaction fee. According to cardhub.com:"The credit card foreign transaction fee is generally the combination of a fee that your network (e.g. MasterCard, VISA) charges to handle the transaction between the overseas merchant and your credit card issuer, and a fee that your credit card issuer (e.g. Bank of America, Citi) charges on top of that."

Shipping: Orders are normally dispatched within 2 business days of your purchase. Orders will be shipped worldwide by air mail (about 7-14 days to North America). Express Mail Service (EMS) with tracking number is also available during the checkout process.

Stock: Made from vintage material, most of our products have only 2-3 of each kind. Depending on the part of the kimono used for the product, the design may differ slightly.

Return Policy: If you are unhappy with your item due to a flaw, please contact us within one week of delivery. We are happy to exchange with a similar product at no additional cost!
Megumi Project is not responsible for customs fees or lost/damaged items.

Name of Business: Megumi Project
Representative: Migiwa (Chami) Nagai
Online Store Name:Megumi Project
Address: 81-86 Urashuku Aza Urashukuhama Onagawa-cho Oshika-gun, Miyagi 986-2231, JAPAN
Phone: 0225-98-9121 (add country code #81, then take the first 0 out for international calls)
Cell phone: 080-9637-9121 (add country code #81, then take the first 0 out for international calls)
E-mail: megumiproject@kizunafriends.net
URL: www.megumiproject.net
Closed: Saturday to Monday
Type of Service: Making fashion products from vintage kimono and obi
Price: As shown on each page, Japanese sales tax inclusive
Other incurring fees: Shipping, bank transfer fee (in Japan sales only)
Method of Order: Online shop
Method of Payment: Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club), Bank transfer to Yucho Bank (in-Japan sales only)
Payment Deadline: The payment must be deposited into our bank account within 7 days of order before the product can be shipped, otherwise the order will be cancelled


  • 恵の商品は日本円を基準に設定されていますが、毎日の為替の動きに合わせて米ドルに換算されるようになっています。ページの上に、通貨切り替えボタンがありますので、米ドルで値段を確認されたいお客様はそちらから変換をお願いします。


  • 国内の配送は、定形外の普通郵便かレターパックライト(¥360)がご利用いただけます。大量注文のお客様は、ゆうパックもご利用可能です。


  • 日本国内であれば問題はないとは思いますが、心配なお客様はトラッキングナンバーがついているレターパックライト(¥360)をご利用ください。


  • 恵の商品は全て古い着物のアップサイクル品です。シミやしわ、針穴などには注意をはらっていますが、見落としてしまう場合もあります。もしご満足いただけない場合は、商品が届いて1週間以内で未使用状態でしたら返金いたします。その際、申し訳ありませんが、返品にかかる郵送料はお返しできません。

ショップ名:Megumi Project
URL: www.megumiproject.net