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    USA Decorative Pillow Covers

    USA Decorative Pillow Covers



    The good news is we have a small number of Megumi products in the States that are exclusive for special sales events, and now for a limited time, we'd like to make these items open to our friends in the States! These items are limited in stock, hurry while stocks last.


    Look how gorgeous these are! Our pillow cases combine 2 different kimono fabrics into a unique design that we know you'll love!  It will definitely add that special touch to any room!


    • Dimensions: 45cm (18in) x 45cm (18in)
    • You can purchase the pillow separately at other shop
    • 3,500 yen is for regular Kimono material
    • 5,000 yen is for "Tomesode" and "Frisode" mixed. "Tomesode" -They are type of Japanese traditional clothes and formal dress of the highest rank worn by married women, "Furisode" - they are a formal Kimono for unmarried women. It has sleeves almost one meter long.
    • 7,000 is for "Obi". "Obi" is the most gorgeous and important parts of Kimono