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    Kimono Tote bag

    Kimono Tote bag
    Tote bags have arrived at Megumi project! We have two kinds of tote bags, one type is the "Obi tote"(¥8000), The other is the "Kimono tote"(¥6500). The vivid patterns are eye-catching and will spice up your look! Its roomy size allows you to carry everything you need. A fancy button ensures your bag stays closed and the adjustable button closure allows for flexibility. Contains two inner pockets.
    Whether running errands or going out on a special outing, how about carrying these bags of Japanese traditional beauty with you?
    Width: 16-18in
    Height: 12-14in
    Depth: 4in
    Handle: about 24in
    Weight: Obi 200-300g, Kimono 170-200g 
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