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    Decorative Pillow Covers

    Decorative Pillow Covers


    Look how gorgeous these are! Our pillow cases combine 2 different kimono fabrics into a unique design that we know you'll love!  It will definitely add that special touch to any room!


    • Dimensions: 45cm (18in) x 45cm (18in)
    • You can purchase the pillow separately at other shop
    • 3,500 yen is for regular Kimono material
    • 5,000 yen is for "Tomesode" and "Frisode" mixed. "Tomesode" -They are type of Japanese traditional clothes and formal dress of the highest rank worn by married women, "Furisode" - they are a formal Kimono for unmarried women. It has sleeves almost one meter long.
    • 7,000 is for "Obi". "Obi" is the most gorgeous and important parts of Kimono


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