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    Chopsticks Set

    Chopsticks Set


    We collaborated with the "Onagawa Factory" on this product.  They handcrafted the chopsticks from ironwood and the fish button from cherry blossom wood. We created the chopstick case from re-purposed kimono fabric.  You can really feel the warmth and care that was put into the each part of this item!  Please enjoy your next meal with this lovely chopsticks set or make it a great gift for a loved one!


    • Case Dimensions: 10in x 1.8in
    • Chopsticks Length: 8.9in *it comes in two colors, dark and light brown


    About Onagawa Factory:

    This company started in April of 2011. The economy of Onagawa is highly dependent upon its commercial and private fishing industry. However, after the Tsunami disaster in March of the same year, this industry suffered greatly.  The founders of Onagawa Factory decided, "If we can't catch fish, let's make them ourselves!".  From that point on, they started making various wooden products resembling fish to strengthen the surrounding community while also conveying the resilience of the Onagawa people.

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