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 Here at Megumi, we value environmental responsibility, the beauty of the kimono, and individual creativity.

Out of these values comes the vintage kimono journal.

Made out of 55% recycled paper, each journal comes wrapped in a vintage kimono cover and secured with an elastic band. 

Whether at work, school, or your favorite cafe, nurture your creativity and jot down inspired ideas in the unlined pages of this one-of-a-kind journal.  Perfect as a gift.  

Our "Wa" collection is a limited edition of journals made from special Japanese vintage fabric slightly more expensive.

Journal details: Double ring B6 size (7"x5") featuring 80 blank pages. Made in Japan. 

Crafted in a smoke and pet-free environment. 

  • 176mm x 125mm, 7″ x 5  (B6 size)
  • Wool, high quality polyester, silk, mix
  • Hand wash with cold water only
  • Do not machine dry

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    ノート詳細:ダブルリング無地ノート B6  80枚 古紙55%以上 日本製 (他のB6ノートやダイアリーにも使えます) 

  • B6サイズ(176mm x 125mm)
  • ウール、ポリエステル、絹、ミックス 
  • 水で手洗いのみ
  • 乾燥機不可
  • 配送オプション